Have you ever done any baking with your toddler in the kitchen? Not too keen on the mess? Or having to clean it all up yourself and end up doing it all yourself?

Baking with your little one can create such special memories and moments for you and your toddler. By getting your toddler involved in the kitchen and working alongside you allows them to feel they are contributing to what you are doing in the household and that they are offering you a helping hand.

The whole experience allows your toddler to see how something delicious and worthwhile can come from just starting with a few, simple ingredients and following a recipe step by step.

It teaches your toddler (and you!) patience, and to enjoy the different methods needed along the way to get the end result.

A few things they learn whilst baking with you are measuring, to mix using one hand to hold the bowl and the other to stir the spoon, and to pack away and clean up as you work. They also get to pick their own decorations and then enjoy the fruits of their labour. Here is my simple doughnut recipe:


  • 120ml Cake mix
  • 45ml Milk
  • 20ml Oil
  • 50ml Egg (or 1 small egg)
  • Icing Glaze – Icing sugar mixed with a bit of milk to make a runny
  • Icing


  • Measure the cake mix and place it in a bowl.
  • Place the milk, egg and oil in a measuring jug and mix it.
  • Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and mix it well.
  • Oil your doughnut pan (machine) by using Spray and Cook.
  • Pour the mix into the bottom half of the doughnut machine.
  • Close it and let it bake until the doughnuts are golden brown.
  • Remove carefully using a fork and let it cool down before you decorate and glaze it with icing.

What did the kids learn today?

  • Maths skills: we worked on our maths skills when measuring out all the ingredients.
  • Patience: we had to wait for our doughnuts while they were baking and while they cooled down.
  • Creativity: we released our inner unicorns and worked on our creative skills while decorating our doughnuts.

So, next time you are wondering what you can do with your little one, whip out the flour, eggs and mixing bowl and get going!