The Christmas season has officially started (although we have had our tree and decorations up for a month already) and so I thought it would be fun to make some Christmas themed hand and footprint paintings.

I did some research online and I decided on three different ideas: footprint Christmas trees, reindeer hand prints and mistletoes footprints.

What you need:

• Paint in various colours
• Paintbrushes
• White (or coloured) paper
• Other decorations to embellish your pictures (ribbons, stickers, fluffy balls, markers etc…)
• A large drop sheet or similar to protect your floor

1 – The first painting that we decided to do was the reindeer hand prints. What you need to do is paint each hand in brown and then stamp one hand facing up, and the other hand facing down. The top hand will form the reindeer’s head and antlers and the bottom hand its feet and tail.

Once the reindeer is dry you can decorate it with a nose (red of course), eyes, mouth, collar, and hooves. So cute!

2 – Then it was time to give those little feet a turn. We painted both of my girl’s feet green (this was very ticklish) and then stamped them both on the paper (one slightly higher than the other).

Once dry they were decorated with a bow and some red balls (for the berries).

3 – Lastly it was time for the footprint Christmas tree. This time we only needed one green foot and stamped it right in the middle of the page. Once dry, we drew on a tree trunk and a pot and my little girls decorated their trees.

The girls enjoyed this activity so much and my eldest daughter was even singing Christmas songs as she coloured. I think I am going to scan or photograph their pictures and print extras to use as cards for family members. There is nothing more special than a handmade gift and I know that these will be treasured for a long time (especially by mom).