As a mother of 3 I really look forward to Mothers Day, to the little time off but the extra hugs from my little ones. The yummy big lunch we share as a family & a day that I kind off pat myself on the back as I see how my children are growing up.

So this year I decided to not expect some little creative crafts made only by my children. But instead  I wanted to spend some much needed quality time with them & make this mothers day gift something that I got to enjoy watching them having a blast making. And at the same time get something that I can treasure for every.

What you need:

  • Baking Clay (I found this at an arts & craft store)
  • Cookie cutter in the shape you want
  • Kebab stick or tooth pick
  • Key holder ring
  • Baking paper
  • Rolling pin
  • Baking tray
  • Those precious little fingers to make the special finger prints

Extras needed

  • Paint / Pen to decorate it

How to:

  1. Get your clay out and gently knead it to soften it up. (This took us a while but my eldest did it slowly & got it all nice & pliable when he was being patient)
  2. We then put the clay in between some baking paper & rolled the clay out with the rolling pin (working all those little fingers)
  3. We then used the cookie cutter to cut out the shapes we wanted. We made some extra fish moulds with the left over clay.
  4. I used a kebab stick to make a little hole in the one corner (this will be for the key holder ring to go through once the clay has been baked)
  5. Then came the fun & special part. Each child came & pressed lightly on the clay with their thumbprints.
  6. I wrote the date on the heart with a standard pen just so I could remember this special date. For older kids they could do the writing & could maybe even write a special message. You could get creative & paint the clay now as well.
  7. Once these were all done, we followed the specific clay instructions & baked these in the oven (on the baking paper) for 30 minutes.
  8. Then kids wanted them out to see their handwork (well my daughter was convinced she could eat them after being baked)
  9. We let them cool & then added the key chain ring on.

The kids had a blast doing these & I couldn’t wait to put our special craft on my key rings. This is definitely a gift I will treasure forever.

Happy Mothers Day!

Contributed by Leigh-Anne McHugh of Clamber Club Sports Bryanston
Tel: 082 342 9277