Janet Lansbury’s book entitled No Bad Kids – toddler discipline without shame, is a follow up to her book entitled, Elevating Child Care. This book focuses much more on the toddler years and provides parents with tips and advice on disciplining your child during the toddler years.

This book, like Elevating Child Care, is based on the RIE approach and encourages parents try and view the world from their toddler’s perspective. Instead of discipline being a punitive process where children are made to feel ‘bad’ and ‘guilty’ for undesirable behaviour, Janet encourages parents to show children love and compassion during these challenging times – when they actually need it the most. The RIE approach to disciplining your child means that parents are able to recognise the underlying reason for undesirable behaviour and they respond to THAT rather than responding to the typical toddler tantrum behaviour. RIE insists that parents show their children respect in every situation and in so doing they are able to better nurture the parent-child relationship and create an environment where the young toddler brain can thrive. When this is done repeatedly over a long period of time parents are better able to raise children who go on to become successful and confident.

Many of the articles found in the book are available on Janet’s website; http://www.janetlansbury.com/articles/

These articles offer parents practical advice on how to implement RIE principles in a particular situation. They are well worth a read for any parent who is struggling with their toddler’s behaviour or alternatively are interested in a fresh approach to parenting.

Contributed by Occupational Therapist Kelly Westerman of Clamber Club Toddlers – Milnerton
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