For toddlers aged 1-2, a toy kitchen with realistic food or pushing a doll in a pram can be endlessly entertaining. As they grow, these activities can evolve – perhaps the family cat joins the pram ride, or their favourite plush toy becomes part of the game. Moving toys to the sandpit can introduce new elements like sand, twigs, leaves, and flowers for a unique gastronomic adventure. Remember, play is a child’s work, and through play, they develop skills for the future.

Children playing in the kitchen

Engaging in imaginative play with your child not only fosters their creativity but also strengthens your bond. Join them in their make-believe world, whether it’s having a tea party with stuffed animals or building a fort out of blankets. This shared experience not only stimulates their imagination but also creates lasting memories and enhances your relationship. So, let your inner child come out to play and watch your little one’s imagination soar!

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