Thoughts of 2020 and 2021 may be associated with anxiety, turbulence, and being thrown in the deep end without knowing how to swim. All the more so if you find yourself navigating how to parent during a pandemic – because what is the norm? In the search for calm and stability amidst the storm, we’d like to encourage you to give yourself grace.


What is grace?

Giving yourself grace is about more than putting yourself at ease. It is the practice of self-determined permission to forgive your mistakes, lapses in judgement, and hurtful behaviour. It is a gentle and empowering reminder from your inner child to let go of self-criticism and shame.


Why grace?

Allowing yourself grace lays the foundation for creating a safe space within yourself. This can be powerful because it supports a mindset of resilience and abundance that is self-determined and independent of the opinions of others. From this abundance, you can share your unique light with the world and – more importantly – with your child. The parent-child relationship offers a beautiful example of the power of a safe space. Why do our children misbehave most when they are with us? Because we are their safety and more likely respond with love than the world is. As a parent, you offer the promise of complete trust and unconditional love which provides a firm foundation for growth of self-assurance and self-identity. Start offering yourself the same!


Contributed by Zenobia Bloem – BSc(OT) Wits

Occupational Therapist practicing in Mental Health at Vista Clinic, Centurion

Kiah Bengis – Franchisee Clamber Club Parties Fourways