What’s not to love about getting to spend a large portion of the day with your friends, laughing and running around celebrating life!  As a parent, however, planning and hosting your child’s birthday party can feel like an epic responsibility, even if you are as excited as they are.

Feeling this anticipation, we as parents do all we can to make this yearly event even grander than the last one!  In addition to calling in the Clamber Club PARTY reinforcements, as well as the super-fun Clamber Club entertainers, let’s explore some fun party games to keep these busy little bodies going.

Blow up some balloons and let’s play volleyball

Yes, it is as easy as throwing a balloon into the mix!

# Divide the kids into two teams.

# Set up a net. (You can use pretty much anything like a rope, chairs, etc.)

# Get a balloon and have the kids hit it from hand to hand, keeping it in the air. The aim is to get it to the other team’s side without the balloon touching the ground.

If you want to add an extra element, you can get the kids to make paper plate bats. They can decorate these as an extra activity. Tie them to their hands using string, an elastic band or ribbon. This gives them a slightly bigger surface to hit the balloon with.

Enjoy this Classic: Pin the Tail on the Donkey

This is an easy game to incorporate into any theme!

Use the main character (be it Mickey Mouse, Ariel, or Jog the Frog) and pin the key element. For instance: pin the unicorn horn for a unicorn party. Pin Minnie’s bow, for a Minnie mouse party. Pin Spiderman on the building for a Spiderman party. Pin the race car on the track for a race car party. And, of course, pin Jog’s sneakers if a Clamber Club-themed party.

Have some Ball Pit Fun

# Throw out ball pit balls into a designated area.

# Give each child a plastic bag to wear. Cut holes at the bottom of the bag for their legs to go through.

# Have them collect as many balls as possible in their plastic bag suits. You can call out colours. Or even divide them into teams.


 Dodge Ball is always great!

# Have the kids stand in a designated area. Have clear barriers so they can identify where they can move.

# Use a big, soft ball, (yoga ball or a beach ball), to roll or throw from one side to the other. The parents can help to catch the ball and roll it back.

# The kids must dodge the ball to stay in the game. If the ball touches them, they are out.

To make it fun, the parents can swop with the kids for the next round. You’ll be surprised at the fun the adults can have when they join in.


 Playing with Balloons

# Kids can do it all together or be divided into teams.

# Have them stand in a row. 1st child run to the marker and fetch a balloon.

# They return to fetch a friend. The balloon is placed between the children, as they would stand behind each other. They must move together to fetch another balloon, without dropping the one between them. They may not use their hands.

# After fetching another balloon, they return to fetch another friend. This process continues making the balloon train longer and longer.

# You can add a small train track to the game, going up and down and in circles to make it a bit more difficult.

When it comes to birthday parties, we love to go the extra mile. There is no bigger reward than seeing the smiles on our kids’ faces as they enjoy being kids.

Written for www.clamberclub.com by
Clamber Club Sports – Bloemfontein