PLAY LEARN GROW is a practical guide that will help to ensure that your baby’s early years do not just slip away – and with them the amazing opportunity to shape a little body, emotions and thought patterns. The book is packed with stimulating ideas that will develop your baby or toddler’s brain optimally, in a playful way and without any undue pressure, during the first three years.


Babies and toddlers develop so quickly that what is fun today is boring tomorrow. The activities in PLAY LEARN GROW are age-appropriate and correspond to the latest research in development and the brain. In addition, each age-related phase concludes with a checklist that offers you the assurance that your little one is progressing. Faster is not better but progress is important and fun, and with a caring adult play is the best brain food for 0 – 3 year olds. Come PLAY with us! Come LEARN with us! Come GROW with us!


Dr Melodie de Jager is the proud mother of Ruan and Janique, Waldo and Juané, Cozette and SW. She is the founder of the BabyGym® Institute International, the Mind Moves® Institute and the author of ground-breaking non-fiction on the subjects of preconception care, birth, child development and quality of life – irrespective of age. Her books have been published in English, Afrikaans, Danish, Hungarian, Italian, Polish and Spanish, but it is her heart, more than her work, that has touched the lives of young and old.

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