As your baby continues to grow, you will start finding new ways to stimulate your baby. From the age of three months, your baby will start to have a better idea of the world around them. They will form deep attachments to parents, smiling and looking directly into your eyes. At this age, babies will start to notice your expressions and they will start to ‘communicate’ with you and with strangers. There is more control over the body and more awareness of the body – especially when it comes to hands and feet. Over-stimulation is never ideal but you can find gentle ways to stimulate your baby that will help with development without overwhelming of the senses.

Stimulating Your Baby – 3-6 Months

Some of the ways that you can stimulate your baby of 3-6 months include the following:

  • Spend time watching your baby to see what they are interested in or what they are doing. You can then repeat these actions or activity to give your baby more of what they seem to like.
  • Talking to babies is important right from birth. At this age, you can continue to talk. The more words a baby hears, the more words they will be able to grasp later. You can give your baby a running commentary of what you’ve been up to do or have a conversation to encourage your baby to ‘talk’ back.
  • Sensory play is great during this age. Continue to provide textures for your baby to touch. Try a fabric tactile book or try using tummy time to introduce your baby to water splashes or other supervised sensory play.
  • Including toys in various sizes and textures is important at this age. Aside from fabric textures, include other types of tactile toys and place them in the palm of your baby’s hand. This is also a good way to encourage grasping motions.
  • Wriggling is important for free movement, helping babies to kick, wiggle and look around. You can include things to look at, such as mobiles or dangling toys to encourage reaching.
  • Baby classes are excellent at this age to help parents and babies. At this age, babies are starting to develop more awareness of other people and being around babies and strangers can help with social development. 

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