Body awareness is an important part of the child development process. This concept can seem more hidden and less obvious than other milestones children meet in the early years. In this blog, you can find out what this ability entails and how you can help your child develop it by playing dress-up with them. Enjoy.

Body awareness is important for gross motor development, motor planning, spatial planning, and understanding our body in space. It includes knowledge of our body parts and what they can do, and the naming of our body parts. Dressing up and pretend games can help develop this important concept.

• A Collection of Dressing Up Clothes! Shoes, coats, scarves, capes, jewellery, masks, tutus, gloves, crowns, tiaras, bags, glasses, different accessories, and hats such as a woolly hat, cap, sun hat, fireman’s hat, pilot’s cap and more.
• A Mirror

Young child playing dress-up with parent. Learning body awareness with games.

Young child pretending to dress up as a pilot. Pretend play to teach body awareness.

• Use different pieces of clothing to accentuate different body parts and teach body concepts. Put gloves on your hands, different shoes on your feet, and scarves around your neck. Look in the mirror once you are dressed.
• Where does it go? Ask: “Where does a hat go? On my hands? On my feet? Or my tummy? No, it goes on my head!”
• Encourage your child to perform the character of the outfit in front of the mirror with you. Stand up like a soldier, make a “whoosh” sound for the pilot flying the plane, and more.
• Jewellery is a great way to learn the names of body parts. We put bracelets around our wrists, necklaces around our necks, and earrings on our ears.
• Become aware of the seasons by putting on summer clothes such as swimming costumes and goggles, and winter clothes such as ski suits, scarves, boots, gloves, and woolly hats. What do we wear during which season?
• Keep a dress-up box for your child with a range of clothing, wraps, scarves, shoes, and interesting fabrics.
• Dress dolly or teddy or Clamber Club’s Jog the Frog in different clothes.

• To promote body awareness.
• To develop important language and communication skills and to improve vocabulary.
• To encourage creative and imaginary play.
• To develop self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-esteem.
• Talking about the different characters and roles you dress up in can improve general knowledge.
• To develop bilateral integration, fine motor skills, and motor planning skills.
• Playing together is a wonderful bonding and connecting experience.

We thank Liz Senior for the contents of this blog.

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