Beat the boredom with our list of rainy day activities that cater to kids of all ages. Keeping small kids entertained when it’s raining outside is no small feat. When you have kids of varying ages, it is even harder to find things to do that everyone will enjoy. In this guide, we share some rainy day activities that will get everyone involved, from toddlers to tweens.

Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids of All Ages

Take the boredom out of staying indoors with these fun rainy day activities for all ages.

Make indoor forts

Although teens may not be super keen on the idea of sharing a fort with smaller kids, the beauty of this activity is that they can make their own fort in their bedroom. For younger kids, the fun will lie now only in building the fort from various pillows, blankets and props but also in the excitement of having a ‘secret’ cave. 

Throw a dance party

Everyone loves a good dance party – including mom and dad! Put on some music that is easy to move to and get moving. You could try learning a popular dance such as the Jerusalema dance challenge or make up your own family dance. Even the smallest members of the household will have fun.

Play dress-up

Dress-up is always lots of fun. It’s also a good way to inspire creativity and imagination in kids of all ages. Older kids can put on fashion shows and smaller kids can make their own costumes. Let them play with your clothes as well as their own. 

Create an obstacle course

Obstacle courses are a fun way to build gross motor skills, let off steam, build muscle, and have plenty of giggles. There are some great ideas on YouTube for inspiration or you can plan your own 100% unique course. If you have small kids, make an easier one that is age-appropriate. 

Make a video

Videos are loads of fun for everyone. There are many ways to have fun with this activity. Make a family video with cameos from all family members (that means pets, too), make up your own challenge video, film your family acting out a play or a favourite movie and get creative. You’ll all have just as much fun watching it as you do making it.

We’ve got a range of action songs in the shop for younger kids. If you need a break, we’ve also got playschool classes that will help your kids let off some steam in a fun environment. Try these rainy day activities the next cold front and make indoor play something that everyone will enjoy.