Is your child the next Lionel Messi, Serena Williams, or Siya Kolisi? Or maybe a ninja warrior? What can you do to start recognising the signs of balance strength in your little one. 

As parents, we often marvel at our children’s limitless energy and fearless exploration of the world around them.  But did you know that a child’s sense of balance is not just about preventing stumbles and falls? It’s a fundamental skill that can pave the way for their physical, emotional, and cognitive development.

Small child playing with a ball, learning balance at Clamber Club

How do you spot those early signs of balance strength in your child? 

Steady as a Rock: Does your child walk confidently, even on uneven surfaces? Whether they’re strutting across the living room floor or navigating a rocky trail, a child who maintains a stable posture is demonstrating excellent balance.

A Love for Play: Pay attention to your child’s favourite activities. If they are drawn to activities that require balance, such as riding a bike or dancing, it’s a clear indicator of their natural inclination towards balance mastery.

Climbing to the Top: Is your child a fearless climber? Scaling playground equipment, trees, or even the furniture at home is a sign of both physical strength and balance. Just be sure to keep an eye on their safety! 

Core Confidence: Observe their posture while sitting or standing. Children with a strong core maintain an upright position effortlessly.

Hand-Eye Coordination: Exceptional hand-eye coordination often goes hand in hand with balance. If your child excels at catching balls, playing catch, or hitting a target accurately, it’s a testament to their finely tuned balance.

Confidence: Fearlessness is often linked to a strong balance. If your child is always eager to try new physical challenges, from somersaults to mastering the monkey bars, they are developing their balance skills.

Recognising these signs of balance is not only a source of pride but an opportunity to nurture and support your child’s development. Encourage then to explore and embrace activities that build upon these innate skills.

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