I know that snacks for children is always such a sensitive issue. We all want to ensure that our children are happy and healthy and some parents don’t let their little ones have sweets, biscuits, juice etc, however some do and that is ok. When it comes to parents and toddlers getting together and it’s snack time for everyone….. each to their own!


I am quite relaxed with what my little girl eats on the weekend compared to during the week. I guess for me it makes a difference that our Clamber Club class is on a Saturday so she can have a biscuit as a treat.




Just because some parents give their children home grown organic GMO preservative MSG free lettuce leaves, if that is your choice then fine. If parents are happy with juice and biscuits at snack time, then that is also fine. You’d swear you were serving McDonalds burgers and cokes the way some moms go on!


I know that some of the children of the ‘healthier’ parents could through a tantrum and have a meltdown if they have to eat a salt free cracker and the other children are eating biscuits. But again, my opinion is, that’s life! You can’t take away every temptation that exists in the world. There will always be unhealthy food, TV, iPads, smart phones etc bombarding us and our kids. Unless you live in an actual bubble, people, children and adults alike, have to learn to live with all the options and be selective about what they prefer. The options aren’t going to disappear.




If my daughter had it her way, she would take every chocolate off the Woolies isle while we are queuing to pay. If it’s a weekend she can choose one. If it’s a weekday I just say no. And she can cry, I couldn’t care less about her tantrum to be honest. I’m not one of those hippy parents who demands Woolies must remove all temptation from their shelves because my poor child is demanding a sweetie (I’m sure you’ve heard about the Woolies debate).


Options are a fact of life! I know I have had a bit of a rant, but not all children should be affected just because some parents prefer their little ones to not have any sugar. I will say it again – each to their own.