Get ready for some exciting and engaging activities that will not only keep your kids entertained but will also help them develop bilateral integration skills and improve their coordination! These activities are perfect for playtime and learning, and they are so easy to do.

Bag of Surprises: Grab some small toys or colouring supplies and place them in bags or containers. This activity requires your kids to use both hands to open the bags and retrieve their treasures. And don’t forget the fun part – putting everything back in the bag requires coordination too!

Scissor Skills: Cutting isn’t just for preschoolers! It’s a fantastic bilateral integration activity for kids of all ages. Cutting exercises engage both sides of the body, as well as the brain, promoting coordination. For younger kids who aren’t ready for scissors, tearing newspapers or magazines can be a great pre-cutting activity

Tracing Adventures: Encourage bilateral integration, coordination and crossing the midline coordination by having your kids trace objects or stencils. Tracing is a wonderful way to engage the non-dominant hand in stabilising the template or stencil, boosting coordination skills.

Bilateral integration - children stringing cutting and crafting

Stringing and Lacing Fun: Stringing beads or lacing cards are excellent activities for promoting bilateral integration. By using beads of assorted sizes and shapes, kids are challenged to coordinate their hands and fingers accordingly. Younger children can practice their skills by pushing pipe cleaners or cotton balls through openings in cardboard or container lids.

Gross Motor Moves: Big movements with large muscle groups, known as gross motor movements, activate numerous neurons in the brain and enhance coordination skills. At Clamber Club, our lessons include fantastic activities like marching, skipping, balancing, and crawling to improve gross motor bilateral coordination. And let’s not forget the playground fun – climbing jungle gyms, ladders, as well as Clamber Club’s unique equipment and more. All provide great opportunities to develop these skills.

Young children drawing and painting - bilateral integration

Remember, it’s natural for us as adults to want to help our kids, but sometimes too much assistance can hinder their skill development. The Clamber Club programmes encourage problem-solving and motor adjustment by providing fun, interactive, and engaging activities that allow kids to explore and learn independently.

So why not join a Clamber Club franchise in your area? With carefully crafted activities, whether through sports, parties, or our fantastic baby and toddler classes, you child will have a blast while developing these essential bilateral integration skills. Let the fun and movement begin!

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