Tyrannosaurus Drip – Julia Donaldson & David Roberts

A sweet and funny twist on the ugly duckling story of a duckbill dinosaur egg that lands himself in a Tyrannosaurus nest. This poor duckbill gets named Tyrannosaurus Drip.

Not being able to follow the lifestyle and cheers of his big, grisly, mean and grim family, he feels this is not his home and decides to run away. On his adventures, he finds out he can swim and soon this brings him to his real family, the other duckbills, who welcome him. In the process he rids the swamp of the Tyrannosaurus, so they can spend their days eating water weeds.

A beautiful little lesson of not fitting in, being brave enough to go out there and do things you are scared of, to show you that there will always be a place for you with people who are like you and that even the smallest, drip who doesn’t fit in can be a hero!

Dinosaur A-Z-smart Kids

A wonderful book for those children who love dinosaurs! Not only does this book go through the ABC’s it also introduces different dinosaurs and their fun facts. While some of the pronunciations of the dinosaurs can be quite difficult, this clever book gives you a little break down on how to pronounce each name. My daughter loved it!

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