Playing with soft toys has a whole host of benefits for children. Young children very often use their soft toys to project their feelings and then they use them for comfort. Soft toys teach children empathy, affection, bonding and are fantastic for creative play.

Recently we connected with Reaboka Soft Toys who have the most incredible and adorable range of soft, handmade animals. Each one has its colours specially chosen, making every animal unique. They are soft and cuddly, waiting to meet someone who will be their lifelong friend. A big question that we have been asked is “why should children play with soft toys?” The Reaboka team have the answers!

1. Sensory Development

Reaboka’s animals are made with a wide range of colourful fabrics, some soft, some textured. The interaction with these cuddly toys is an excellent way of developing the sense of touch and colour.

2. Emotional Growth

These soft adorable friends are the perfect first companion with whom you can express your feelings with confidence. Playing with them is an easy way of building empathy, affection and bonding. The toys also offer comfort and security when the world out there is scary or you are feeling tired.

3. Language development

Talking with your soft toy is a great way of finding a life-long friend. It can be an easy to practice new words when telling them a story or whispering a secret to them, and fun to loudly sing them a new song.

4. Creative Play

Playing with these soft animals is a great way of encouraging imagination. What could be better than a wild adventure with rhino teddy in the garden on a sunny day?

5. Fostering a love for wildlife

Loving your lion teddy helps develop your love for the lion in the wild. It makes is easy to empathise with the endangered rhinos and pangolins and learn about protecting them and their habitats.

About the Reaboka Foundation

The Reaboka Foundation is dedicated to the beauty of handcraft. Each of their products has been uniquely designed and crafted. Their creations serve as an appreciation of traditional skills, which are applied to contemporary style designs. Reaboka is a self-sustainable NPC that works together with crafts-women from rural communities. They adhere to fair trade principles, keeping communication on trade transparent and thereby providing their crafters with valuable business skills. They are dedicated to building the self-confidence of the women they work with, providing them with a platform to take their lives into their own hands and acquire an identity, respect and status within their communities.


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