Teaching children shapes is incredibly important! It promotes a range of skills including: Pre-reading and writing skills, communication skills, creative skills, sorting and classification skills, as well as counting and basic maths. See below how to make your own shape sorter and what shapes games you can play with your child:



Learning resources:


Make learning fun with the Clamber Club Online Learning Series. We have a number of videos that you can make use of for free to help your little one learn about shapes:




 For more fun shapes activities take a look the below blogs:

Children learn best when all their senses are engaged. Learning our shapes can be taught not only through the visual and auditory senses, but also through touch, creativity and movement. Play Dough is a wonderful tactile activity, and a great way to teach little ones their shapes. This blog gives you great playdough activities as well as some awesome ideas for learning shapes.

Children love being given creative license to change a plain piece of paper into one filled with colour! There are many ways to encourage and help your child to learn about shapes. In this blog we will be looking at a fun way of teaching shapes that you can do at home, that can help you take your child on a fun journey of learning and understanding the different shapes all around us.

Learning a new skill can be very exciting if we make it fun and playful for our little adventurers. Children love to be actively involved in learning something new. For every shape that I introduced to my children there was an art activity for them to do and then we went outside to use our bodies to explore the different shapes. This blog will give you wonderful ideas for teaching the various shapes to your children.

Instead of standard painting with fingers and brushes I decided to introduce a new element to the activity and get my children to do paint dipping and stamping using various shapes. Take a look at this blog to see what we did.