Nothing Like a Bit of Outdoor Free Play

When it comes to stimulating your children’s senses you really don’t need to look much further than the great outdoors. Our local parks and open spaces are filled with jungle gyms, flora and fauna [...]

The Girl on the Train and Spot the Dog

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins I am a sucker for a good mystery thriller and I was very intrigued when I saw a huge display of Paula Hawkins’ thriller in the bookshop. [...]

Great Toys – August 2015

Clamber Club Ball with Elastic String Many of you will be familiar with the bright yellow Clamber Club soft ball which is fantastic for little people to kick around and play with. Those clever clogs [...]

Almost Summertime Garden Obstacle Course

The weather has started warming up and despite it technically still being winter it is a beautiful 25 degrees and sunny. So, what better way to spend a public holiday than outdoors with some [...]