According to Yes and There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly

According to Yes by Dawn French After a particularly busy and stressful month I decided that I needed to read something light hearted and funny, which is why I was thrilled to discover the new [...]

Clamber Club Goes to the Zoo

  Every term Clamber Club organises an outing and this term we were lucky enough to visit the Johannesburg Zoo. Two excited little girls with their Clamber Club lunch boxes (the littlest one trying to break [...]

James Herriot and Pip and Posey

James Herriot The James Herriot series of books is not new and so I am hoping that readers won’t be disappointed by my choosing to review these books this month. I had actually temporarily forgotten [...]

Great Toys – May 2015

Basic Skills Board This wooden bear is always smiling, but he's happiest when fully dressed! Getting dressed won't be such a puzzle once zipping, buckling, snapping, lacing and tying, and other dressing skills are mastered. [...]